Monday, 3 December 2012

Social Media Marketing Campaigns and Email Marketing Campaigns

The Internet is now one of the most accepted and efficient process of marketing. Emails are sent to subscribers, social media updates are dispersed, Twitter feeds are crammed with the latest URL links to updated web pages, latest news stories and explanation, all relating to the product/service, which is being sold in market. How can you guarantee that your marketing approach has the right balance between social media marketing Campaigns and Email Marketing Campaigns?

Social Media Marketing

One of the basics of online marketing is to make sure that you have a recognisable, reliable brand for your online interactions. Facebook pages can be customised and "famous", as can Twitter profiles. By ensuring that your company profile, colours, company logo and brand are reliable on your social sites as they are with your website, you are showing a high-level of advance work and increasing your chance of your brand being remembered by online guests.

Email Marketing

Again, with the successful use of email templates you can ensure that all of your email marketing is done with your company brand via HTML email content. Your company logo and colours can adorn all emails sent through your email marketing plan to boost your chances of subscribers recalling your company and its services when your logo is seen elsewhere. Email marketing needs to be effectively incorporated into your social marketing plans. Social media is a great method of obtaining subscribers to email newsletters for your organisation.